Happy Scale is such a great app for getting a picture of the way your weight trends are going instead of having to just focus on the day to day numbers. Happy Scale by Front Pocket Software LLChttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/happy-scale/id532430574?mt=8

Man. What am I supposed to do now? I re-watched every episode of Star Trek the last time something like this happened.

Thanks for all the support everyone. I loved working at Sonos and my team was awesome. Bummed to go but it was a purely corporate decision there’s no point in feeling bad about. I’m sure I’ll find something quickly.

Because I did not mention in my last tweet I should say that I do iOS and Mac dev primarily for ten years and am immediately available for any full time or contract positions.

Due to a reorganization my position at Sonos (along with many others) has been eliminated. I’m located in Seattle. I am immediately available to interview for positions or take on any contracting work someone might have for me. Retweet if you love me, please.

One more day until my Peloton bike (@onepeloton) shows up! Pretty excited. Gotta make room in my apartment tonight. Hope that the accessories arrive in time. Been pretty good about making it to yoga too. Onward to greater fitness!

Early on in my career I was always using Bonjour/NSStream/sockets and writing things that did things over the local network. Now everything is usually a frontend for a REST API. Kind of miss that. That sort of code is fun to write.

Don’t know if I know anyone else crazy enough to buy a Peloton bike… but if you did, you can find me on there as FishermansPorch.

Haven’t written any Bonjour code in a while. This sure brings back memories to working at Avatron on Air Display for Mac.

Started using the Insight Timer app for meditation. If you’re using it, let me know and I’ll add you as a friend. Otherwise it’s free and has lots of great content plus a good timer function for unguided meditation. insighttimer.com

Made it to my second yoga class of the week. Going well so far. Pretty convenient having it across the street from my house/work.

Unfortunately because I am trying to get my financial game in order and it’s not cheap to fly down and stay in San Jose, I don’t see anyway I’m going to be able to make it down to WWDC this year. Total bummer. Have fun everyone!

Going to quit drinking and start yoga again. There’s a good looking yoga studio across the street from my house, and an alcohol break is good every so often.

The Fisher Space Pen writes way better with the fine refill. This is the AG-7, which is the original model used in Apollo (the AG stands for anti-gravity).

Micro.blog people – do you send your posts to Twitter or do you keep those as two separate things? I am of two minds on this. They serve a lot of the same purpose for me, but a lot of what I say on Micro.blog really could just stay there.