I don’t believe that anyone is actually proposing arming teachers as a serious policy proposal. They’re just throwing this crazy shit out so we’ll all get distracted and talk about it instead of the real issues.

Also, it working.

Mint has no envelope budgeting support, but it’s free and if you’re more interested in see where you’re money went than where it will go, YNAB + Mint gives you most of the features of Banktivity.

The state of envelope budgeting software in 2017: Simple (the bank) works, but you have to set up your categories manually every month. YNAB is best if you only care about budgeting. Banktivity is okay if you want lots of visualizations and envelope budgeting is very secondary.

I really miss MoneyWell back when it could connect to my bank and everything worked. That was by far my favorite app. If anyone has a recommendation for a budgeting app with good envelope budgeting, I’m open to it.

Been trying out different budgeting apps. My feeling is that Banktivity would be cool if the budgeting interface wasn’t so terrible, but that YNAB is probably the way to go for envelope budgeting. I don’t see how anyone could use Banktivity for envelope budgeting and like it.

My policy on Micro.blog is to follow anyone back who responds to me automatically, because basically being on it means you’re probably pretty cool 👍

Three months in switching to @Simple as my bank has been life changing, and changing banks was easy. It’s the only budgeting tool that’s ever stuck. I’m debt free, accounting for rent and expenses a full pay period ahead of when I need them, and saving money for my future.

An experiment I’m running: Just took the Amazon and Prime Now apps off my phone to see if that saves me money.

Or, for that matter, the number of times professional audio engineers have fooled themselves by thinking they got some settings just right until they realize they forgot to connect/enable their equipment.

If you don’t think that you could be tricked into thinking a speaker is better because you can see it, let me refer you to the trick audio engineers often employ where they give musicians knobs that aren’t hooked up to anything and let them “dial in the sound” themselves.

The main thing I get from looking at retirement calculators is that retirement is really really expensive if you don’t want to be poor.

Would really love a checkbox when writing in Micro.blog to not syndicate a specific post to Twitter or whatever service.